Indigenous women lead. They lead in business, government, communities and families. They are entrepreneurs, executives, students, volunteers, advocates and mentors. They solve challenging problems and they break barriers. Sometimes, Indigenous women do all of this at once. And, often, they do it alone.

There is a pressing need to build a network of support for these women to ensure they thrive and create a smooth pathway for others to follow.  In October 2019, Indigenous women from across Canada will gather together for a second year to connect and share their personal stories of development. They will gather new insights and resources to step forward with confidence as they face their next leadership challenges, knowing they have the support of a powerful group of women and companies backing them up.

The Indigenous Women’s Leadership Summit will offer keynote presentations, hot topic panels, group exercises, and a workshop.

Attendees will range from entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators, politicians, community leaders and more. The event is not limited to Indigenous women – if you feel called, please register!


Registration closed at 3:00PM (PST) on Friday, October 4. We will not accept any late registrations – no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

What’s going on in  Vancouver?

The World Indigenous Business Forum is being held from October 8 – 10, 2019. As a 2-Day Registrant of the Indigenous Women’s Leadership Summit, you will receive a 10% discount on your WIBF registration fee.

At WIBF, important, inspirational and essential enterprises come to life through innovative partnerships and alliances. Each forum attracts hundreds of participants as well as the attention of thousands of Indigenous business-minded people around the world. These forums bring leaders from corporate and non-corporate sectors, government and non-government organizations, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people together for face-to-face conversations, envisioning, shared learning, mutual opportunity, investment possibilities and a social and economic purpose. For more information, please visit: