Attend one of three workshops on Saturday, November 17th at the Delta Ottawa City Centre! All workshops will be occurring simultaneously and therefore registrants may only attend one.

We have a limit of 30 attendees per workshop — sign up soon to secure your spot!

Blaze your Career Path

A hands-on, interactive workshop to get clear on your drivers of career fit and fulfillment and how to create and communicate your professional brand. This workshop will also share some of the most important elements to know when applying, interviewing and negotiating a job offer.

Facilitators: Brenda LaRose & Kristin Sherry

Business Management Refresher for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re new to the complex world of business or you’ve been running your own enterprise for several years, it’s always a good idea to get back to basics. This workshop will provide a comfortable and confidential discussion forum for entrepreneurs and those considering an exciting future owning your own business. While the conversation will be guided by the needs and experience of the group, the facilitators will begin with the following key topic areas:

Building an effective organizational structure and hiring the right people: Is your company growing? Do your employees have clear job descriptions and accountabilities? Are you comfortable managing people and holding them to your company’s performance standards?

Getting comfortable with the money: How do you interpret your financial statements so you can confidently talk about the details with accountants, bankers and investors? What do the numbers tell you and what potential actions would suit certain scenarios?

Driving toward your vision by sharing your story: How do you know you have the right strategy? Do you have a board of advisors to provide objective feedback and guidance along the way? Are your plans, priorities and key activities aligned? You know what you want to do, now how do you get everyone else on board? Who do you need to talk to first? How do you tell your story? Who do you need to get on board? 

Join us for this practical conversation and build a network of like-minded Indigenous business leaders from across the country.

Facilitators: Dene Sinclair, Victoria LaBillois, & Laurie Sterritt


Warriorship— Leading Brave-Hearted

Brave-hearted leadership is needed and being called forth; we are at an urgent and disruptive time in human history that calls on our best selves to lead with courage, love and fierce determination.

Let’s explore: What is Warriorship? What does it mean to lead brave-hearted? How can we best access this wisdom? And sustain it? And inspire it in others? How do we develop brave-hearted principles as well as practice Warriorship with more grace and mastery? How can we build a community of diverse warriors who can individually and collectively contribute to transformative change?

This engaging workshop will harness the energy and wisdom in the room to co-create a safe and courageous space to explore Warriorship. You will leave with teachings, reflections, and the inspiration to lead brave-hearted.

Facilitator: Teara Fraser